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Our workplace safety specialists, led by John Tregambe have over 30 years combined experience in safety solution design and implementation for the private sector. John has extensive experience with large scale safety systems, cutting his teeth at BP where he was responsible for Health, Safety and Environment learning and development for over 5000 employees and contractors across Australia, New Zealand and South West Pacific.


This has equipped us with the ability to quickly analyze and understand business safety needs and formulate solutions.


Our Philosophy

Unlike other approaches, we don’t believe safety is just about compliance, we see it as an opportunity to improve your business processes.  In a nutshell, we look for better and safer ways to get the job done; saving time, money and reducing injuries and incidents.


We formulate solutions that fit the process rather than the other way around and in a practical sense, this means safety processes simply become part of the way work is done rather than something that needs to be done. In this way, safe work practices can be sustained in the workplace.


We achieve this by forming  partnerships with clients and fully understanding operations before any work commences.


We don’t just provide advice

we partner to find solutions that fit your organisation!


The end result is a safer and more profitable organisation that remains compliant with the law.