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Our Safety Compliance Services

Your Safety Partners (YSP) are specialists in providing safety compliance advice and solutions. We have an experienced team of safety professionals with over 77 years in the field.


When it comes to workplace safety training, we are recognised as the best in the field and offer the following unique capabilities:     


  1. Proprietary state of the art online learning management system (see learnTrac tab);
  2. Extensive and proven training content development (online and paper based) and delivery; 
  3. Extensive knowledge of health and safety application in the workplace.


YSP is the only safety consultancy in Australia with a specialist online learning division that has a propriety Learning Management System (learnTracTM)  designed to capture and recall evidence of competency in a simple yet powerful way. Our online training services now makes up over 50% of the work we do.


Our services in brief:


  • Online health and safety courses;
  • Workplace health and safety training (face to face);
  • Establishing learning management systems;
  • Development of training materials;
  • Procedure and work instruction development;
  • Safety change management;
  • Video production;
  • Risk assessments; and
  • Workplace safety audits.


Safety Compliance Training


John Tregambe (the principle of the business) has over 22 years experience in learning development. He started his career as a secondary school teacher, before entering the adult and further education sector and then moving into corporate learning and development, where his focus became health, safety and environment. He has been responsible for setting up safety training systems for large multi-national corporations across multiple countries.


Click here to view our process for setting up training systems

Our training services include:


  • Training needs analysis;
  • Development of training programs to suit different job roles;
  • Setting up of learning management systems (training data base);
  • Face to face training delivery; and
  • Development and deployment of online learning.


Online Learning


Your Safety Partners are specialists in the development of online learning and have extensive creative and technical ability. We combine our safety expertise with our online learning capability to develop content that can be deployed across multi sites simultaneously and immediately updated if changes are required due to procedural or legislative updates.


Unlike many other online learning companies, we develop content in response to your organisation's needs.


Risk Assessment


Safety legislation requires employers to show evidence that they have conducted a risk assessment to identify hazards and control risk and this should be the starting point for understanding safety needs.


Your Safety Partners use a tried and proven risk assessment methodology and provide organisations with a fresh pair of eyes to identify hazards that people may otherwise overlook. This involves a physical walk through the workplace, followed by a comprehensive risk assessment report which doesn't merely highlight the problem, it provides practical recommendations on how the hazard(s) can be addressed.


Safety Audits


Our consultants are qualified safety systems auditors and are able to assist organisations become safety certified including:

  • AS/NZ 4801;
  • National Audit Tool (for companies wanting to become self insured); and
  • Safety Map. 


Procedure and Work Instruction Development


Structured procedures are not only an important way to ensure that workers are undertaking their work safely and employers are maintaining a safe system of work, but they also add enormous value when it comes to ensuring a consistent product or service, which is key to running a successful business.


Our approach ensures that safety is integrated into your normal operating procedures and not something that is just tracked on. Rather it becomes a part of normal work process. Typically this is done by observing work being performed and then developing a short and practical procedure that can be easily updated.

Ideally this is then integrated into the training content for the job role, to ensure that procedures are systematically communicated to workers.


Safety Change Management


Worker engagement is one of the keys to any successful safety initiative, therefore time spent understanding the best ways of communicating with workers, is time well spent.


Your Safety Partners has helped many organisations develop internal safety communication strategies including:

  • Program branding;
  • Designing creative communication methods;
  • Use of digital communication;
  • Development of brochures, posters and other materials; and
  • Development of videos.


Assisting organisations engage and communicate with their workers using some of the following methods:

  • Safety workshops;
  • Safety presentations;
  • Online;
  • Face to face; and
  • In the workplace.

                            Contact us with any safety compliance training services or advice your organisation may need.