Navigate the challenges of workplace health and safety (OHS/WHS)

At YSP we make it our mission to improve safety outcomes for workplaces across Australia

Do you know whether your organisation is complying with relevant safety laws? Established in 2009, YSP has worked with hundreds of businesses. Our safety consultants can advise you on the very latest OHS/WHS legislation. We regularly review regulatory changes and their impact on the operations and safety requirements of businesses across Australia, which allows us to keep you up-to-date and compliant.

Don’t risk your workplace safety outcomes

Do you know what the most important safety legal compliance areas are for your business? With experience across a wide range of industries, YSP safety consultants provide the advice and assistance you need to understand and apply the latest OHS/WHS legislation.

Our OHS/WHS safety consulting services are accurate, practical and effective. We specialise in:

  • Legal Safety Compliance Advice
  • Risk Assessments
  • Policy & Proceedure Development
  • Development & Delivery of Safety Training Content (inc leadership Hazard Risk Management & Compliance).

We also offer a range of WHS services from conducting risk assessments to designing complete management systems for your workplace.

YSP safety consultants deliver the advice and expertise you need

Having a clear safety strategy and robust safety framework is an important part of any organisation’s operational framework. This must be simplistic in approach and easily understood and communicated throughout the business. It is especially essential for larger businesses with multiple locations and multiple levels of management.

YSP safety consultants work with you and your workplace to establish, develop and execute a comprehensive and effective safety strategy and framework.

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    Our safety consultants ensure you protect the safety of your people so that your staff and your business prosper. Our expertise keeps safety requirements simple to make it easier for you to manage, while also providing practical WHS solutions for your workplace.

    YSP safety consultants follow our proven 4D project methodology that ensures the advice and recommendations are customised to suit the unique elements of your workplace and situation. From initial consultation through to recommendations and program delivery, we provide a quick turn around on our services and can accommodate out of business hours requests.

    Our safety consultants are experienced professionals who provide expert advice to make your workplace safer. We can assist with the establishment, development and implementation of a safety strategy and framework to suit your environment.

    Benefit your business with YSP safety consultants

    Every three minutes someone in Australia is seriously injured at work. Even more alarming, around 7,000 deaths each year are attributed to workplace accidents. Safe workplaces are not only a requirement by Australian law; they are also a basic human right that your employees and workers (including contractors, subcontractors and apprentices) are entitled to.

    Occupational / Work health and safety management standards are in place to certify safety compliance in a work environment, thereby minimising risk of injury and the potential for hazards to occur.

    YSP works with organisations to offer practical safety workplace solutions to meet the relevant legislative requirements. We work closely with our clients to understand the workplace environment and apply the necessary systems, procedures and training in order to improve their safety culture.

    YSP safety consultants are making Australian workplaces safer

    No matter what workplace health and safety challenges your business faces, YSP safety consultants are ready to work with you to assess your needs, evaluate options and implement solutions.

    Safety decisions are made in complex physical, psychological and social environments. Your Safety Partners has experienced safety consultants to ensure the highest standards of WHS, wellbeing and safety culture in your business as you navigate towards a comprehensive and robust safety management system that is compliant, current and covers your risk profile.

    We understand that every business is different, which is why our safety consultants customise their services to suit your unique situation. With experience in a broad range of industries such as manufacturing, construction, retail, warehousing and distribution, corporate, professional services, small business and the government sector, you can be confident that our safety consultants will offer real and practical advice for your business.

    Why you need a Safety Consultant for your business

    Workplace Health and Safety is a legal framework that is designed to protect people’s safety, general welfare and their physical and mental health in the wide range of workplaces across Australia.

    While designed to protect your employees and workers (including contractors, subcontractors and apprentices), WHS laws are broad and are also intended to protect your customers, any volunteers, or members of the general public.

    As an employer you have an obligation and a duty of care to your staff and workers to provide a safe and healthy workplace for them. Not only is this a legislative requirement, but it is also proven to foster a more productive workplace where well-being, and an individual focus on safety is paramount in all areas of your workplace: proof that a robust WHS program can help any business succeed.

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    A workplace safety consultant can also ensure the owners and managers of businesses meet their safety compliance requirements. This helps protect them from compensation or legal costs.