A business owner has just been jailed for 18 months under Industrial Manslaughter laws for the first time in Queensland.

The sentence was handed down following an incident back in July 2019, when a generator fell off forklift tines and crushed the business owner’s friend to death.

Queensland and Victoria were the first States to introduce Industrial Manslaughter laws and its just a matter of time before they are used in Victoria.

In previous articles we touched on critical areas of health and safety compliance – here we will list them clearly.

Under Victorian and national safety laws you must ensure the following:

  1. Have a system for identifying and controlling hazards such as a risk register (download risk register)
  2. Can prove workers have been trained / inducted and licensed in safety requirements of their roles (consider using a learning management system)
  3. Have a system for maintaining and repairing plant and equipment including isolation procedures
  4. Have procedures for safe handling and storage of chemicals
  5. Have a procedure that outlines how staff are consulted on matters relating to health and safety
  6. Have a procedure that outlines what to do in case of emergencies such as fires, injuries etc
  7. Have safe system of work in place such as Work Instructions for specific tasks (download WI template)

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