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Do you know whether your organisation is complying with relevant safety laws? Our workplace safety experts can advise you.

Most businesses only find out after an incident. That is when it’s too late!

Senior managers (defined as “senior officers” in legislation) are personally liable for the safety of their workers. If injury or death occurs in the workplace, they can be charged under criminal law for failing to meet their duty of care. Our workplace safety consultants can help ensure your business meets all workplace safety compliance standards for your industry. This will protect both you and your people.

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Experienced Workplace Safety Experts

John Tregambe

Clarke Martin
Senior Safety Consultant

Paul Rawlings
Machine Guarding Specialist

Keith Grainger
Work Health and Safety Consultant

Stacey Meder
Instructional Designer / Consultant

Kelly Reynolds
Graphic Designer

Craig McCarthur

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Each year over 130,000 workers are seriously injured.
Most of these injuries or accidents could have been avoided if organisations had taken the time to see where their safety gaps were.

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The mission of our workplace safety consultants is simple

Many accidents can be avoided by maintaining structured workplace safety compliance training and by following safety procedures.

Our workplace safety experts can partner with your organisation anywhere in Australia, to improve safety performance and reduce costs by:

  • Developing and / or tailoring systems and processes that are legally compliant;
  • Engaging and consulting with your workforce; and
  • Monitoring and measuring safety by using the latest technologies.

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A workplace safety consultant can also ensure the owners and managers of businesses meet their safety compliance requirements. This helps protect them from compensation or legal costs.

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