Incident Investigations & Incident Management

Improve safety by learning from incidents

Why are incident investigations and incident management important?

It is a legal requirement to report particular types of incidents to Safety Authorities, furthermore incident investigations improve safety in your organization.

If an incident occurs and depending on the incident, there are a number of important actions you may need to take, including notifying the Authorities and preserving the scene if possible and if safe to do so.

Our consultants are qualified and experienced in conducting incident investigations and managing the process for you and with you. We can conduct a full Root Cause Analysis to identify system failures and put processes in place to ensure it never happens again.

Our experience

We have undertaken many investigation over the passed 15 years from serious incidents such as amputations through to psycho-social incidents which have greatly impacted business profitability and workforce morale. Our investigation lead to remediation measures that have put businesses back on track.

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    A workplace safety consultant can also ensure the owners and managers of businesses meet their safety compliance requirements. This helps protect them from compensation or legal costs.