Traffic Management

Our workplace safety experts provide detailed traffic management consulting and planning.

Traffic management is an essential safety consideration for businesses in a range of industries. Our safety consultants are here to help you make sure your traffic management plans are rigorous and ensure all pedestrians are safe at all times in your workplace.

Understanding Traffic Management Plans

A traffic management plan is a document that details how organisations maintain a safe environment when working with moving vehicles, on the road, or within a high-traffic workplace such as a warehouse or logistics facility.

The document itself is designed to improve safety and eliminate hazards associated with workplaces that include vehicle and pedestrian traffic. A traffic management plan created by expert safety consultants creates a safer working environment and protects owners or management from liability.

What does the traffic management process look like?

Traffic safety planning aims to create an environment where your people can operate safely and efficiently, whether they are controlling a vehicle or on foot.

The process typically includes:

  • A site assessment of your warehouse, event space, construction site, or another type of workplace.
  • An analysis of traffic flow, including the types of traffic present.
  • An assessment of the hazards and risks that may be present.
  • Consultation on the permits and documentation that your workplace, business, or event may require.
  • Assistance in implementing a detailed traffic management controls plan.

traffic management process

Which workplaces require a traffic management plan?

In general, any workplace with high vehicular and pedestrian traffic will require the correct documentation, permits, and a detailed plan. Any work taking place on a road will certainly require a management plan for traffic, to eliminate traffic hazards.

Industries that generally require a traffic management control plan include:

  • Warehousing (ie forklift traffic management)
  • Construction (trucks, construction vehicles, deliveries)
  • Transportation and logistics (trucks, forklifts)
  • Civil works and road maintenance (traffic, machinery)
  • And many more.

If you’re unsure whether your business requires a management plan for traffic, contact our experts today.

The Importance of Traffic Control in the Workplace

An expert approach to managing traffic is important for a number of reasons.

Reduce risk and eliminate hazards

Managing vehicular traffic with detailed planning and expert advice minimises the risk of accidents and injuries. It does this by eliminating or reducing the hazards present. For instance, creating designated traffic lanes and using clear signage to promote awareness around vehicles and better warehouse traffic control.

Protect business owners and managers

A thorough traffic control plan will protect business owners and managers from liabilities. If you do not have adequate documentation and permits and an accident occurs, you may be liable for large financial penalties or even prison. Avoid this risk and ensure you and your people are protected at all times.

A more profitable enterprise

A smooth flow of traffic in your workplace leads to a more efficient operation. Efficiency leads to lower costs and higher productivity, creating a more profitable business overall. This is especially true when it comes to warehouse traffic management plans and similar facilities.

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