We offer a comprehensive range of the work health and safety (WHS) / Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) services. All of these can be tailored to meet the needs of your business following a gap analysis to determine your exact requirements before we commence any work.

Safety training

Health and safety training is not optional. The law states that employers are responsible for providing health and safety information and training to their workers specific to their job role. Our expert instructional designers can develop tailored training programs, or you can choose from our existing wide range of courses.


Workplace Risk Assessments & inspections

Workplace risk assessments are probably the most important job when it comes to safety. We commence with a thorough inspection which aims to document all identified hazards and solutions to reduce risk.


Safe Operating Procedures/Work Instructions

Most tasks in the workplace that require a process to be followed in a particular way in order to avoid injury or death requires a documented Safe Operating Procedure / Work Instruction. We document each step for each set of tasks and assist you train workers.


Safety video production

The world we live in is rapidly changing from text to visual media and we have a team of people who specialize in developing engaging videos for your workplace. From Work Instruction videos for machine operations to motivational engagement videos  featuring senior leaders, we have the tools and experience to meet your needs.


Contractor management systems

If you engage third party contractors such as trades people and cleaners to perform work on your site, you are responsible for their safety even though they may be employed by another company. Our systems onboard contracting companies and induct their workers to ensure compliance against your policies and procedures.


Machine Guarding safety audits

When it comes to machine guarding safety, YSP has the most experience consultants in the country that can undertake audits against AS/NZS 4024. We can provide full reports and solutions to help you fix any compliance gaps.


Incident Investigations (including Root Cause Analysis)

Our experienced consultants can conduct full investigations following an incident in your workplace that has caused harm. These investigations aim to find the root causes so your organization can learn and prevent them from reoccurring in the future.


Psychological Health

Psychological Health risk assessments are now mandated in most States. Employers have a duty to identify psycho-social hazards and put processes in place to minimize risk. We can assist with development of processes to ensure you meet your legal requirements and at the same time reduce the chance of any psychological health workers compensation claims.

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A workplace safety consultant can also ensure the owners and managers of businesses meet their safety compliance requirements. This helps protect them from compensation or legal costs.