Plant and Equipment Safety

Plant and equipment safety must be a prime consideration for businesses that operate any machinery.

Understanding Plant and Equipment Safety

Plant and equipment safety is the process of identifying risks and hazards associated with machinery and industrial equipment in the workplace. This usually involves implementing measures to prevent incidents and injuries to operators, as well as those in the vicinity of the machinery. Risk assessments and training are an essential part of this.

Plant and equipment generally include the following:

  • Manufacturing machinery
  • Mobile plant such as excavators and forklift trucks
  • Cranes and lift equipment

There is often high risks associated with most plant and equipment, due to moving parts that could cause injury and death. and the risk of malfunctions or problems caused by human error. It’s essential to understand the plant and equipment in your workplace so that you can ensure the right approach to safety.

Plant and Equipment Risks and Hazards

Plant and equipment risk assessments are essential to identify hazards. Common hazards include:

  • Poorly maintained machines
  • Inadequate training
  • Mechanical failures and malfunctions
  • Noise exposure
  • Electrical hazards
  • Falling objects
  • Vibration hazards
  • Many more.

Each of these hazards can lead to serious injury or death, through crushing and pinching, electrocution, lacerations and more. Therefore, expert plant risk assessments are essential for avoiding accidents and injury and improving processes.

Machinery safety

Plant and Machinery Risk and Safety Assessments

Our team of experienced safety consultants provide detailed safety and hazard assessments for all types of plant and machinery. We will take the time to analyse processes, inspect machinery, and identify any risks that may be present in your workplace.

At Your Safety Partners, our risk assessments promote:

  • A safer workplace for employees, customers, clients, and visitors
  • Compliance, and reduce liability for owners and managers
  • A more efficient and profitable workplace
  • Concise expert advice that covers all aspects of the plant and machinery processes in your workplace, improving the quality of work within your facility.

The Process of Plant and Machinery Risk Assessments

Our consultants follow detailed assessment procedures that ensure every aspect of your plant and machinery is thoroughly inspected. Years of experience ensures that our experts know exactly what to look for, and how to identify hazards that may otherwise be missed. Once the plant risk assessment has been completed, we will deliver a report with actionable advice and quality recommendations.

Our process is adaptable to different environments and industries, but looks a little like this:

  • A safety expert arrives at your facility to assess your plant and equipment, processes, permits, and documentation.
  • We take the time to find out as much as possible. The more information we have, the better the recommendations we can provide.
  • We provide a detailed report and process documentation to create a safer, more efficient workplace for you and your people.
  • A key legal requirements for all plant and equipment is too ensure it is adequately guarded. We have machine guarding experts that can assess machinery against the required standards and will ensure this guarding is thoroughly during any risk assessment.

Safety reports

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