Mike Cullinane

Senior Safety Consultant

Career Profile

Mike is an accomplished executive engineering leader with extensive experience in delivering projects, engineering and asset management technical services across the Infrastructure and Energy sectors. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated expertise in driving the process safety agenda and delivering workplace operational improvement projects across Australia and New Zealand. He is a Chartered Professional Engineer, with proficiency in delivering complex and challenging operational improvement projects into a diverse portfolio of operational businesses.

Mike’s career has spanned across all spheres of workplace safety.

He was appointed as BP’s MS&L Engineering Authority to provide deep technical guidance on the application of technical standards and provide assessment and assurance that operational hazards and risks were being appropriately identified, assessed, managed, and controlled. He is skilled in the application of Major Accident Hazard reviews, Inherently Safer Design, HAZOP, LOPA, Project HSSE Reviews, Inspection & Testing and Control of Work.

He is recognized for providing visible engineering safety leadership across small, medium and large projects through coaching and leading the workforce to: 

  • Identify hazards;
  • Assess, prioritise then manage risk;
  • Develop suitable controls; and
  • Monitor the health of the proposed barriers to ensure those risks stay effectively managed.

In his last job at Veolia, he held various positions including, Director – Technical and Performance where he led a national multidisciplined project, engineering and technical team to deliver operational improvements into municipal and industrial water & wastewater treatment plants, resource recovery facilities such as recycling centres, organics processing facilities, waste bioreactors and anaerobic digestors, & hazardous solid, liquid & medical treatment facilities.

He also led the Technical Subject Matter Expertise group to assist the operational facilities to comply with Standards, improve business performance through efficiency improvements and foster a culture of continuous improvement through research & development, innovation and sharing of lessons. Concurrently he led the National Asset Management team who ensured that plant & equipment was reliably maintained in accordance with Standards, fit for purpose and cost effective.