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Workplace OHS/WHS compliance in the construction industry

Our tailored advisory services keep you abreast of the latest construction health and safety regulations, ensuring your site complies with all current construction OHS and WHS laws.

Employer obligations in construction

Understanding and fulfilling employer obligations is crucial in maintaining a legally compliant worksite. Our construction safety consultants are adept at navigating the complexities of construction WHS and OHS requirements. We provide precise guidance to help you implement necessary changes that align with legal standards, helping you remain on the right side of the law.

Our Services

Your Safety Partners specialise in offering safety solutions tailored to the unique needs of the construction industry. Whether it’s risk assessment or safety protocol development, our approach is designed to fit the specific safety concerns of your construction site.

Online Safety Tools

We equip construction firms with advanced online tools, including e-learning courses and learning management systems, essential for training and maintaining ongoing safety education. Our tools also support third-party contractor safety and robust document management systems, essential for keeping track of compliance and training records.

How we can help your construction business

Your Safety Partners is here to lay the groundwork for safety at your construction firm.

Many construction sites only realise the gaps in their safety protocols after an incident occurs.

However, senior management can face severe consequences under Australian criminal law, including penalties of up to 27 years in prison and fines reaching $360,000 if a fatality occurs under their watch. Our construction site safety consultants are here to ensure that your business does not become a statistic. Prevention is key—by implementing proactive safety measures, we help protect your workers and the future of your business.

Popular Safety Services for Construction Sites

Construction sites across Australia benefit from stringent risk assessment, safety protocol development, and safety training services.

Don’t ignore construction site safety until it’s too late

Ignoring the safety of your construction site can lead to severe consequences, including workplace accidents and legal repercussions. Proactively addressing safety concerns can prevent these outcomes, protecting your workforce and the reputation of your business.

We have vast experience in enhancing safety across various industries, with a special focus on construction. Our safety experts develop and implement bespoke Occupational Health and Safety/Work Health and Safety processes tailored to meet legislative compliance and suit the specific needs of our clients

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What are you waiting for?

Each year, hundreds of construction workers suffer from preventable injuries at work. By engaging with Your Safety Partners, you ensure that your site’s safety measures are comprehensive and up-to-date, closing any gaps that might lead to accidents or legal challenges.

The mission of our construction workplace health and safety experts is simple

At Your Safety Partners, our mission is clear: to prevent accidents by establishing and maintaining structured workplace safety compliance training throughout Australia. We provide ongoing support to ensure your construction site is not only compliant with legislated safety requirements, but also a safe working environment for everyone involved.

We’ll work with you to improve safety and reduce risk by:
● Developing and tailoring safety processes that are legally compliant with the construction industry
● Engaging and consulting with your employees at all levels
● Monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of safety using modern techniques and technologies

Our portfolio includes a wide range of prominent construction firms that have benefitted from our expert consultation. By partnering with us, these companies have not only met but exceeded the stringent safety requirements mandated by Australian safety laws, showcasing our commitment to exceptional safety standards.

At Your Safety Partners, we’re committed to enhancing safety at your construction site. Book your free one-hour on-site safety consultation today and take the first step towards a safer workplace.

Our Expertise

Our team of expert Work Health and Safety Consultants has a combined experience of over 100 years in assessing and mitigating workplace risk, specifically tailored to the construction industry.

Our Exceptional Team

Our team of WHS/OHS consultants has extensive experience in designing and implementing practical and compliant safety processes, making a lasting impact on the industries we serve.