Keeping all you compliance content on one powerful portal

What Is docTrac?

docTrac is poweful portal that houses all your compliance content such as policies, procedures and forms and does away with the need for a paper based OHS/WHS manual.


It enables you to:


Create your procedure documents online by simply pasting or typing content including images, video documents, or direct text


Have a dedicated URL so staff have viewing access to relevant content


Create electronic forms and upload both manual and electronic forms to central repository


Revert to previous versions of content


Provide multi access levels for multi-site operations including

  • Company Administrator
  • Site Administrator
  • Site User

Fully accessible on mobile device

Why Do You Need docTrac?

It keeps all your content in one place, preventing you from ever losing your compliance documentation and enables everyone to access it in real time from any device. It will enable you to update and communicate changes to polices and procedures in minutes saving you valuable time and ensuring you have met your legal obligations of ensuring staff and management know your policies and procedures.

How Does docTrac Work?